European Arrest Warrant: Procedural Instrument for Public Order Enforcement in the EU´s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
ABSTRACT: The European Union has been striving to create a common area of freedom, security and justice, within which EU citizens are to enjoy a high level of personal safety and security. Today, the EU ...
page 3 - 18
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Transboundary Impact Assessment form the Central European Perspectvive
ABSTRACT: Transboundary environmental impact assessment applies to the relationship between States, with provisions found in customary and treaty law as well as in the national legislation. This article ...
page 19 - 37
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At What Price Competition? A View on the Role of Competition in the Development and Stability of Banking Markets with Reference to the EU
ABSTRACT: This article presents, with reference to the development of European financial markets affected by crises, a view on the relationship between competition among banks and the stability of the banking ...
page 39 - 61
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Public Order and the Protection of Cultural Heritage: Enforcement of UNESCO and UNIDROIT Conventions in CIS Countries
ABSTRACT: The article deals with various features of the realization of state policy on the protection of cultural heritage, the peculiarities of the participation of member countries of the Commonwealth of ...
page 63-77
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Public Order (Ordre Public) and Norms of Jus Cogens
ABSTRACT: The article deals with the concept of public order (public policy) in national law systems, including international private law (conflict of laws). The essay focuses on public policy (public order) ...
page 79 - 100
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Public Order in the Practice of Russian Courts
ABSTRACT: The public order exception is one of the most complicated institutions of private international law which limits the application of foreign law. Providing a clear and precise definition of “public ...
page 101 - 115
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Public Policy and Public Interest in International Law and EU Law
ABSTRACT: Whereas civil law conceives the principles of ordre public as forming the pillars of legal and social order, forming a long-term constant, public policy according to the common-law understanding of ...
page 117 - 147
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Public Policy (Ordre Public), Mandatory Norms and Evasion of Law in Ukrainian Private International Law
ABSTRACT: The article considers three institutions in Ukrainian private international law: public policy (ordre public), evasion of law, and mandatory norms. According to the author, public policy (ordre ...
page 149 - 159
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Tobacco Investment Disputes - Public Policy, Fragmentation of International Law and Echoes of the Calvo Doctrine
ABSTRACT: The following article examines Philip Morris’s recently initiated investment arbitrations. The tobacco corporation claims damages from Uruguay and Australia, for their adoption of regulatory ...
page 161 - 182
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Short Flight of the Phoenix: A Few Thoughts on Good Faith, Abuse of Rights and Legality in Investment Arbitration
ABSTRACT: As a point of departure for this contribution the general and intertwined principles of legality, the abuse of rights and good faith are examined, which have emerged repeatedly in the last few years ...
page 183 - 207
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