Prospects of European Investment Policy
Müller, David
A New Legal Regulation within Articles 25 and 26 in the Proposal for the Regulation Made by Recasting Council Regulation 44/2001 from 22 December 2000
Havlíček, Jan
Report on Prague´s World Juris Association´s 24th Biennial Congress on the Law of the World - National Legal Cultures in a Globalised World
Profeldová, Tereza
International Law Students Association Chapter Olomouc
Heger, Ivo
Charles University in Prague Achieved Historic Success at the 18th Wilem C. Vis Moot
Ciencala, René
Interesting Czech Doctoral Theses in International, Private International and European Law (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Law, Department of Commercial Law)
Dobiáš, Petr
Current Events, Past & Ongoing CYIL / CYArb® Presentations
Selected Bibliography of Czech and Slovak Authors for 2011
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